Swipping Spa Underwear. Thailand

28 Nov

At spa in Ko Samui, Thailand

Who swipes spa-underwear in Thailand? Me. I’m becoming one of “those” people — a hoarder.  I swipe hotel shampoos, soaps, shower caps, cotton balls, Q-tips… Well, anything free at a zero, one or two star hotel.   And, I’m wondering why my bag is getting so heavy.  I just can’t give up my Crabetree and Evelyn mini-shampoo from the Hilton in Beijing.  Or, my sugar spice soap from Bhutan.  Just can’t…

So, I’ve moved on to swiping underwear.  It all started in Chiang Mai at The Chedi hotel.  They give you underwear made out of pantyhose for the massages.  They are actually pretty comfortable.  I accidentally walked out with them on — So, there is NO way I was going to return them to the spa-lady after the fact.

You see, I’ve been leaving my underwear behind in random places and random countries.  I hand wash them.  Hang them up and then forget about them.  One pair of Hanky Pankies flew off my balcony in Krakow and landed somewhere in the middle of the square.  Another pair escaped me on the Trans-Siberian toilet.   Hung them up in rank train toilet while brushing my teeth in rank water.  Then, walked out.  Robust Russian Train Lady swiped them.  I can go on and on…

Now, I’m at places where they give you pantyhose underwear with your massage.  Granted — they are ugly as mud.  And, will disintegrate after two hand washes.  No matter.  I have a head massage this afternoon and plan on taking a few pairs.  Seriously, I  need to be put in a time out.  I know this is getting bad. I’m just cheap or  deranged.  I can say, both.

At Kamalaya — spa/wellness camp where majority travel afar to have their colon’s cleaned, loose the flab or find themselves – there is a tray FULL of pantyhouse underwear for the taking in the woman’s locker room.  What do I do?

Oh, I guess you want to know why in the world am I at Kamalayayaya?  Not for those things mentioned above.  For me, I came for the yoga, massages and fluffy pillows.  AND, to get back on track in the consumption and gluttony department.  Living off of beer, dumplings, meat, noodles, and rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner weighs you down.  Or, weighs your figure down.  Going to eat healthy for ONE full week.

And, you are probably asking, why don’t I just buy some new underwear.  Much harder than you think.  Besides being an amazon in countries where  LARGE is a small petite in US sizes, underwear is sold in open, street markets.   So, who knows how long they’ve sitting out there.  How many animals, insects, moldy men have touched them.  Or, better yet, how do you know if they haven’t been used. Nope.

On top of that, you have to bargain to wear them.  Who bargains for underwear.  It’s nope again.  So, I’ve taken to swiping.  I hope the pantyhose spa underwear can get me through to South Africa and onward to Australia…  I know there’s legit shopping in Australia… Has to be…

3 Responses to “Swipping Spa Underwear. Thailand”

  1. Cristy Nielsen 28/11/2010 at 9:57 am #

    I have so much to read to get caught up on your adventures, but I saw your post on fb and thought I’d peek… and OMG… rolling laughing on a Sunday morning. Thanks for the giggle! Can’t wait to read more ramblings from you along the way. Seriously when I’m having a funk day I turn to your blog and I just laugh… thanks for writing things so candidly and letting me experience something I would never otherwise go and do myself. Safe travels Amanda! 🙂

  2. Stephanie 29/11/2010 at 9:30 pm #

    Ok, so as I am reading all this stuff and I am thinking to myself there had to be a real travel goddess or goddess of adventure and without much looking I found her:)
    Goddess Atlanta! Well she is now you and you are her:)
    Please read further for inspiration for yourself and all of us who are seeing the world through your eyes…as blurred as they can sometimes be;)
    Thank you, Atalanta, for helping me to let go of my fears and become more adventuresome and courageous like you….
    let me be like you, always expanding my mind and continuing to learn. HA! I love it!

    Must hear more about the New Yorker and the Aussie (i think you said) that were vying for your attention! I don’t think you are going to get very far with panty hose for underwear though! I hope you have a clean cute pair of panties somewhere for emergencies!

    safe travels! Goddess Stephanie

  3. Titian Austin 21/12/2010 at 4:50 pm #

    Hi, Amanda. Your posts make me feel like I am there with you. The photos are dynamite and Elizabeth Gilbert has nothing on you and your descriptions! I rode elephants in Chaing Rai; the experience of a lifetime. I also heard many wonderful things about Chaing Mai. Loved the comments about the underwear; I’ve purchased outside the U.S. myself, and it can be a challenge. Hope you have a wonderful MERRY CHRISTMAS and know we are sending lots of love your way. XOXO Titian