1.3 Billion on 7-day Holiday. China.

30 Sep

Chinese National Holiday kicks off tomorrow.  Meaning, 1.3 billion people are off work and taking a 7 day holiday… Hoards are known to flock to all the major tourist attractions… Great time for TallGirl to “do” China…

I’m boarding a train tonight – Sept. 30th – and will arrive in random city of Wuhan tomorrow to catch a 2-night, 3 day ferry up through the Three Gorges.

My solution to potential chaos.  First, a Chinese pharmacy for sedatives and then micro-mini market for beers.  At times like this, you need to be a practicing Buddhist or opt for consuming legal, liquid depressants.  Our train has 6 bunks per compartment, with no door and no air.  Another great night aboard a Chinese train.  Let’s just hope the wheels fit on the tracks.

Just a FYI.  In 1949, our Chairman Mao declared October 1st National People Republic of China day in Tian’anmen Square in front of 300,000.  Not many people if you ask me… He waved the red flag  and the one-party government kick-started their hearts..

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