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Sunday was the day I parked my butt in an Irish pub to figure out how in the world am I going to translate my verbs, nouns and adjectives into some sort of sense – into a traveling blog spanning seven months. Three pints of Guinness, two proposals by an O’Malley and one street parade later, I have an answer.

The more I thought about this blog, the more real it became.  I needed to get my head around my audience.  I’m the marketing “guru” and target market is everything.  So, who am I talking to here?  I mean randoms of all ages, backgrounds, religious affiliations and sexual histories may happen upon this delightful and, sometimes dull, digital prose. But, for me to be open, honest and truthful about my journey around the world, I figure I must address my random observations and illuminating thoughts to those that know me best – my BFFers.  It only makes sense that they are my audience.

This is how I figured I can stay true.  I can see Julie  toning down her tales of crashing a Muslim wedding and passing out under a breakfast table at the Days Inn in Jordan  if she knew her child’s 1st grade teacher may read about it?

Katie, would never discuss travel-bathroom issues if she knew her pastor would see?  Realizing this, I can only imagine Julie and Katie’s travel blog to be bland or, I fear very, very boring.

So, this is my goal.  When I blog, I will ask… What would Julie say? Liz think? Katie do? Kate ignore? Daphne instruct? Keri believe? Stephanie analyze? Allison love? Lisa boot?  I could go on and on… I not only want but need my friends to be part of this journey with me.

For those who are still confused – hello mom and little sister.  Not Your Typical Day blog is written from the eyes of a tall, blond, 38-year-old, single gal on a 7 month around-the- world, God-inspired journey to her girlfriends back home.

This blog is not about dishing out recommendations on hotels, restaurants, shopping spots, spas or chocolate pastries.  Knowing me, you wouldn’t trust it anyway for I don’t notice details.

Instead, this blog is about the quirky, random observations and experiences encountered, as relayed back to my friends in the US.   I’m a southern girl, so humor and irony runs through my veins. And, if you follow this blog, then expect this type of language and then some.

Oh, one last thing before we get the party started. I’m changing the names of those making it to Tallgirl’s digital pages. They did not sign up for the world according to Tallgirl. I certainly wouldn’t want my name in some random’s blog, and I’ll show the same respect for the innocents that encounter my path.

I welcome thoughts, ideas, insights and only the slightest hint of criticism about this blog. My goal is to post something once a week. There will be days, if not weeks, where I’ll be without internet connections or just annoyed, so grab on to some patience.

Let the journey begin.

290…300.. Days.

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