Temples. Temples. Temples. Siem Reap, Cambodia.

12 Dec

December 2, 2010

No tour of Cambodia is complete without seeing, touching, climbing and tasting the temples at Siem Reap.  For those history buffs, the city of Siem Reap is home to the Angkor Wat –one of the temples in Angelina Jolie’s Tomb Raider movie.  Sure you saw it.  Fab acting…

Instead of verbal vomit of the temples, I opted for a biz-zillion pictures.  Click on the icon on the side of this blog labeled Temples.  And, you can see the amazing temples discovered in this area. Pictures are much better than words here.

I mean, I could tell you how the bike guide of our group tried to convince us that Pol Pot was not that bad.  Or, how my seat was stuck and I looked like a clown in a circus act riding thru temple land.  Or, how I ripped my black H&M leggings.

Or, how the Siem Reap restaurants suck and street food is golden.  Or, how the govt. gave all of Angkor Wat to a Vietnamese business man, in return for ‘free” gas.  Or, how you pay $40 for a ticket to the temples, knowing 90% goes to this  V-nam business man’s homes, cars and women… Or, how “water view” at a Cambodian hotel means looking at a concrete water tower.

Or, how all the old lion statutes don’t have balls, and the new lion statutes do have balls. Or, how the monks cruising thru temple-land smoke cigs.  Or, how the female statues either have their head or boobs chopped off.  Or, how Hindu and Buddhism gods play happily in temple-land.  Or, how the Khmer Rouge shot up the temples, trying to kill the monks.

Or, how I ran into Anastasia and Collin from the Trans-Siberian train journey while temple touring.  Or, how I woke at 4:30 am to see the sun come up over Angkor Wat with two thousand other Chinese tourists. Or, how I found BLEACH in a Cambodia grocery store and socked the shit out of my clothes.  Or, how I met a really hot boy from Sweden.  Or, how I splurged and bought a fancy silk scarf, but still have no underwear.

But why bother with words?    The story is in the pictures… Enjoy! (Click on the photo icon to the right of this blog)

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