Where is China blog?

13 Oct

Chinese Children... So cute!

Yep… Just left China.  Landed in Bangkok.  Heading to Bhutan in 2 hours.  Goal is to spend air flight to finish editing China.  Suspect Bhutan has no access to electronic -TV, WiFi, Radio – given its named “happiest place on earth.”  It’s run by Monks.

Will be back in reality on October 23 and 24th.  Will post all China then.  Bhutan, following week.  Pictures to follow.  Get ready — there’s a lot of random observations about no-nonsense  China.  “It’s not your Mama’s communism…” It’s more like… “confused Communism.” You’ll need a cocktail if/when you read it.  Happy October!

Bhutan Map below…Leaving now…for the airport.  It’s 3:35 AM…

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  1. Stephanie 23/10/2010 at 3:41 pm #

    I must say the goddesses are holding up nicely. I also noticed you added Julie and Keri. Sorry they were left out:( I hope they forgive us. I just saw a show about the terracotta soldiers. So cool and your there!!!

    Hang in there and don’t be sad! You are amazing and strong:) When you look back on this trip you will be so proud of yourself for making it. You will never look back and regret any of it. Unless of course you catch so weird disease from a random boy along the way;) haha Can’t wait to hear about the rest of your journey.

    • Eve 26/12/2016 at 10:49 pm #

      Heckuva good job. I sure apeicprate it.

    • fini e fli sono gia' in gioco, ma possibile che non capiate nulla di politica? tra un po' ci sara' la fila di gente del pdl fuori la porta di casini e fini, forse c'e' gia'. con il cdx sotto di 8 punti nei sondaggi, berlusconi finito, la lega non ne parliamo, dovranno tentarle tutte per recuperare il terzo polo, altrimenti non solo perdono ma vengono spazzati via per una decina d'anni.

    • http://www.ihrkreditberater.pw/ 12/02/2017 at 2:16 pm #

      Hi James,Yes, I wrote a post about that some time back. You can check it out here:The post is about “innocent ping spamming” and it details what happens even when you’re not doing it on purpose.Hope that helps. Thanks for your comment!

    • http://www.fbcgroveport.com/ 23/04/2017 at 2:43 pm #

      not to mention a SUPER CONGRESS? yeah..like this group w ont be IMMEDIATELY compromised by special interestswe’ve been sold up-river again folks….keep believing the system works…..:-P

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  2. Dori 19/10/2010 at 7:06 am #

    ADAY – I am in heaven reading your latest adventures…crying, laughing, in awe of your experiences, viewpoints and how you have translated it all for us…yourself! If you are getting tired of hard beds, dumplings, street hockers, strangers and more – remember that we are doing the same U.S. thing daily and you could be too. Need you back but want you to be a world vagabond forever so I can remain a voyeur of your life…keep us going with your not so typical days! Love, love – greatly missing you!

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