Off the Grid – Trans Siberian & Mongolian GER

20 Sep

For my 1.2 fans…  I’ve been off the internet grid for 5 days, traversing Russia and Siberia via rail.  I wrote everyday – so I hope to have it posted this week. I’m sure you’ve been wondering “where in the world is Tallgirl” and did she make it out of Russia – land of no smiles???

In Mongolia now.  Leaving tonight for a GER stay — tent for harsh living in the middle of no where. Loving Ulaan Baatar.

A quick Mongolian hotel update. Asleep at 12:30pm. Woke at 1 am to water spewing from the ceiling and man shimmering through crawl space in my bathroom.  Loud cries of women faking organisms permeated the 4th floor. Hotel clerk screaming. I just watched.  My take? Man was spying on sex girls, excitedly kicked a pipe & was busted.  As I said, it’s all part of preparing for tonight’s stay in a Ger – tent suited for harsh lifestyles.

Party on rock stars… Let’s hope the GER has accessible toilets…Bringing the Imodium for this one.

One Response to “Off the Grid – Trans Siberian & Mongolian GER”

  1. MaryStuart (sister) 24/09/2010 at 11:19 pm #

    seriously!!!! that is just wrong!!! and for the record…dad asked me where Mongolia was…..I told him it was in China, or Russia. I did not know. I am just another stupid American. I opened your link in an email and it showed a map. Hello, Mongolia is a country…and the people look exactly how I thought….or so I remember them looking in a movie. might have been a Bond movie! Ha!